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Web3 App Development for Businesses

Move your Brand at the Speed of Web3
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Good Month Labs (GML) is at the forefront of web3, with expertise in blockchain development and brand narratives to help enterprises move at high speeds with ultimate trust.

GML builds products made for multiple markets while providing turnkey solutions for enterprise brands who need a tailored experience to enter and manage the Metaverse.
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Our Services

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Web3 Strategy
Bespoke Web3 native strategy for branding, go-to-market, NFT utility and incentivization structures for crypto-native communities, pre and post launch operations & future blockchain activations. All strategy takes advantage of GML’s in-house products making it easy for the customer to pick up where the services leave off.
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Custom Development
Custom development to connect legacy systems along with development to support multiple chains for specific use-cases. Allowing for the usage of existing enterprise tools as customers enter a new open-source and fast paced web3 environment.
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& Policy
Managed communications for pre-launch and during activations on appropriate socials, existing websites and hosted dApps. Crafted communications to meet the needs and expectations of the native crypto audience. All communications are driven from inside the GML products to give the customer full control if they wish!
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Art Management
Web3 art services involving concepts, artist sourcing, iterative development, quality assurance and crypto-native market testing to ensure artistic representation depicts quality and builds trust with the community. The GML products allow you to have a hands on content management experience when making important decisions on your initiative's artwork.
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Web2 & Web3 Tech
Stack Integration
Connect your web3 data with internal customer relationship management, point of sale, and e-commerce platforms. Crypto users have different personas, and as you sell to them, we will help you understand those nuances so you can integrate them into your daily operations. The GML products allow for these integrations to be seamless.
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Select a desired level of management for your community, from event-driven to a full team build-out to sustain the project with Web3 native resources. Community creation can be as high-touch as you desire.
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Our Products

Cake app on mac and mobile
Cake is an enterprise app that allows companies to move with trust at speed in web3. Cake is web3 as a service (3aas). Brands can now launch products on the blockchain in a no-code, self-service environment.
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GMGN, a crypto native community tool which provides high signal information from desired communities along with a quick glance at the market for specific collections (ALPHA).
GMGN product on iphone
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Never Fade: The NFT Podcast

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Our Team

Andrew Medearis NFT Avatar
Andrew Medearis
CEO & Co-Founder
David Berning NFT Avatar
David Berning
Co-Founder & Head of Engineering
Mitch Morales NFT avatar
Mitch Morales
BizDev & Operations
Robin Meaderis NFT Avatar
Robin Medearis
Community Management
Jung Heo NFT Avatar
Jung Heo
Corinn Carter NFT Avatar
Corinn Carter
Chief of Staff & Product Marketing
Jilian Plank NFT Avatar
Jilian Plank
Finance & Accounting
Bartek Beza NFT Avatar
Bartek Beza
824.ETH NFT Avatar
BizDev & Resident Degen