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Web3 Brand Empowerment: Overcoming Onboarding and Use Case Challenges.

Good Month Labs Team
Published on
March 24, 2023
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Web3 is a new frontier for brands, offering immense opportunities for innovation and growth. However, the abstract nature of blockchain, coupled with the obscurity of optionality and onboarding friction, creates barriers that hinder brands from engaging confidently. In this blog post, we explore the challenges that brands face in onboarding to web3 and identifying use cases, and present some solutions that can help make the transition easier.

Blockchain Abstraction and Onboarding Friction

The abstraction of blockchain technology is a necessary step for brands to engage with web3. However, the obscurity of optionality and onboarding friction make it difficult for brands to understand the technology and navigate the process of onboarding. This is particularly true for non-technical stakeholders, who may lack the technical expertise to navigate the complex ecosystem of web3.

To overcome this challenge, we need to provide more accessible and user-friendly onboarding points that take into account the unique needs of brands. This includes creating straightforward and customer focused use-cases and pathways that can directly report back to metrics and objectives that brands are already working towards.

Productized Workflows for Hesitant Brands

Many brands are eager to innovate and lead the way in web3, but they lack the direction and use-case understanding to do so confidently. These brands need productized workflows that drive results and onboard in a familiar web2 way. Providing a clear roadmap that outlines the benefits of web3 for their business, and use cases that align with their goals, can help these brands take the first step towards engaging with web3. Seeing their path modeled by a trusted competitor or brand with proven results can help build confidence and conviction.

Hooking Results into Existing Tech Stack

For brands to truly engage with web3, the results of their efforts need to be integrated with their existing tech stack. This includes integrating web3 tools with their content management systems, e-commerce platforms, and other marketing tools. By doing so, brands can easily leverage their typical distribution methods to reach their target audiences.

The Power of Visuals and NFTs

Visuals and NFTs are a powerful tool for brands to win the attention economy and engage with their audiences in new and exciting ways. It’s clear that brands are excited to adopt visuals and NFTs as a persistent force in their toolbox, and the benefits of doing so are easy for them to envision. However, they need guidance on how to get started and leverage these tools to achieve their business goals. The simplicity of being able to leverage blockchain backed imagery to grow and evolve with customer persona interaction can open up new engagement points for brands.

Cake’s Priorities to Support Brands

In our conversations, there are clear central themes that we hear over and over again from brands who are trying to meet customers and engage in web3. At Cake we are actively solving the problems of blockchain abstraction, onboarding friction, and creating clear tested pathways for brands, as well as easy integration with existing tech stacks. By providing clear use cases and productized workflows, we can help brands understand the benefits of web3 and take the first steps towards engaging confidently. If you have any other problem statements that you think need to be solved, we’d love to hear from you!

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