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From the Archives: Cake making web3 Easier

Good Month Labs Team
Published on
February 3, 2023
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Originally published November 10, 2022 on Linkedin

NFTs took unique narratives to the next level. Imagery we didn’t quite understand attached to crypto tokens we couldn’t connect with. Our fuzzy understanding motivated a minority to find the “hidden door,” while the majority was forced to have an opinion. The people who “red-pilled” and found the hidden door, explored access and opportunity in the form of community and connection. The people who merely opined did so on limited information.

Whether one had gotten a taste of the next wave of opportunity of web3 via NFTs or they denied the possibility of a next wave — everyone was forced to give a shit. Giving a shit in ’21 about NFTs was the forcing function for our society to realize NFTs as a strategy is phase one of a paradigm shift that is here to stay.

It’s now late ’21 and the paradigm shift is more prominent than ever. The paradigm shift is the Metaverse. The Metaverse is open, interoperable and faster than anything we know. Builders are creating tooling faster than use-cases exist. Brands are on the outside looking in, asking anyone that appears more knowledgeable, “How do we get in?”

Cake is all you need. Cake doesn’t just help the enterprise adopt the web3 technologies and begin their way into the Metaverse; Cake supports them every step of the way. From web3 deployments, to technology discovery, to security attestations of new tools — Cake ensures the enterprise and their brand have unrivaled access to web3 applications (dApps).

The days for tech giants in the Metaverse are numbered. Web3 will not allow for a handful of companies to subsume all the technology and IP, forcing customers through their walled off garden of assets. The platforms that will be instrumental in web3 will be a place of trust for the enterprise, providing intuitive access and out-of-the-box management of the best and brightest web3 technologies. Due to the nature of the open and interoperability nature of the Metaverse, these tools will be created quicker than any competitor can rival in market. All big brands need to have a clear path forward to access and use these tools in a way they understand.

Cake is the future for brands in the Metaverse. The Metaverse is moving forward at the speed of light and if the enterprise attempts to compete or self-manage they are NGMI (Not gunna make it). We’ve seen this play out in history before; open source technologies falling flat when the management creates too much overhead or dependency on select resources. As a testament to the interoperability of the Metaverse, Cake will enable web3 technology to be compatible to web2. In other words, Cake is hell bent on speaking the Enterprises language so that the enterprise can focus on what they know best — brand building.

Grow your brand in web3, Cake will be here to make your extension into the Metaverse easier.

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